City Power Tower Kiosk

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Graphic Specs.
Graphic Specs.

CITY Power Tower Kiosk*





Orders can ship 5 business days once we're in receipt of all assets - order placement, artwork files, proof approval, logistics details.

Ships from Illinois. *Free ground shipping NOT AVAILABLE for this product.


Each unit comes with a standard one-year warranty or you can extend it to a three-year warranty for $350 per unit. These warranties cover the hardware. They do not covervandalism, the charging cords or the exterior wrap. You can purchase the extended warranty
up to 30 days after your order has been delivered. If you need to send the unit back for a warranty claim, Power Tower will cover up to $200 in shipping (each way).

Please be sure to keep the wooden crate (or travel case) that the unit ships in. The unit must be shipped back to us in a Power Tower crate or travel case. Replacement crates can be ordered for $395 + shipping.*

Complimentary Maintenance Program
Ship your unit back to us (one time within the first 12 months) and not only will we re-wrap it for you, we'll replace all of the charging cords. All you pay is shipping. For the exterior wrap, we can use your original artwork or you can submit new files at no charge.

Ordering/Installing Replacement Cords
We use the highest-quality, industrial-grade materials available but the charging cords will need to be replaced from time to time depending on how they’re treated. Replacement cords must be purchased from Power Tower as other cords will not work/are not compatible with
our proprietary rapid-charge technology.

Replacement cords are $55 each with complimentary ground shipping. The cords unscrew with a HEX key (provided) and then they simply pop out/back in via USB connectors.

Ordering/Installing Replacement Wraps
You and your colleague can easily re-wrap your station if/when needed. Replacement wraps ordered through Power Tower are $395 each with complimentary ground shipping. We will also pre-cut them for you, pre-apply the two adhesive strips on each piece, and well include one extra practice wrap with your first order. You can also connect with local vendors to assist with the re-wrapping process.

*This policy applies to both Warranties and the Complimentary Maintenance Program.