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Who is Display Jay? Exponet USA isn't just another 'display website'. It's part of my personality, and I'm here to share it with you.

In the trade show industry since 1998, selling displays & graphics since 2004, I know all about the logistics: The what, the where & the when. I also know who makes what, where to get this or that - including overseas, although I rely 95% on US-based (and Canadian) print facilities, including my own.

I also know who's got you bent over the barrel for your marketing dollars, overcharging you with bloated rush fees or blown-up shipping costs. 

I can make most portable displays happen in 72-hours - from order placed to delivery wherever in the U.S. - possibly 24-48 hours. Just get me the graphic file(s).

While not everything is possible, I do my damn best to come up with the how to get your display to you - if it's doable. In addition to my facilities on the east & west coast, I'm well-connected in between. Not kidding when I ask 'where's the event'? 

Cowboy Up. An Example:

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Recently, I pulled off a practically last-minute display order in Washington D.C. at the 2017 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Conference. A multitude of double-sided retractable banner stands, various sized banners, a half-dozen registration counters plus a slew of custom-printed table throws.

Pulled the van up to the Ronald Reagan Building in the early, early morning, went through a thorough Homeland Security inspection, rolled everything in and went to town setting up. This order hadn't even existed a week and a half prior. But, damn if I didn't make it happen.

While I'm on the east coast - in the DC, Baltimore, NYC, Philly area - I have a network, a crew of partners around the country who are there to help with delivery, set-up, etc., regarding your upcoming trade show or event.

Call me direct or text: 818-406-5800

Email me:

Even faster, message me: Facebook

What else?

A US Army vet and US Air Force military brat growing up, I've been around. Also a pop culture aficionado: I love music, film, writing and have been DJing since 1989. I own and operate Rock Steady Sound DJ service along with turntable artist DJ Bizzy and vocalist Eddie Peters of Vocal Expressions.

All about the entertainment, I also produce podcasts - all about comedy, pop culture, news & views, everything & nothing - with content available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

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Fellow podcasters, DJs & entertainers: We're all in this together & the struggle is real. Now you know where to get your podcast & show backdrops & banners from, saving you time and money. Here to work with you.

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