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Who is Display Jay? In the trade show industry since 1998, selling displays & graphics since 2004, I know all about the logistics: The what, the where & the when. I also know who makes what, where to get this or that - including overseas, although I rely 95% on US-based (and Canadian) print facilities, including my own.

I also know who's got you bent over the barrel for your marketing dollars, overcharging you with bloated rush fees or blown-up shipping costs. 

I can make most portable displays happen in 72-hours - from order placed to delivery wherever in the U.S. - possibly 24-48 hours. Just get me the graphic file(s).

While not everything is possible, I do my damn best to come up with the how to get your display to you - if it's doable. In addition to my facilities on the east & west coast, I'm well-connected in between. Not kidding when I ask 'where's the event'? 

Cowboy Up. An Example:

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Recently, I pulled off a practically last-minute display order in Washington D.C. at the 2017 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Conference. A multitude of double-sided retractable banner stands, various sized banners, a half-dozen registration counters plus a slew of custom-printed table throws.

Pulled the van up to the Ronald Reagan Building in the early, early morning, went through a thorough Homeland Security inspection, rolled everything in and went to town setting up. This order hadn't even existed a week and a half prior. But, damn if I didn't make it happen.

While I'm on the east coast - in the DC, Baltimore, NYC, Philly area - I have a network, a crew of partners around the country who are there to help with delivery, set-up, etc., regarding your upcoming trade show or event.

Call me direct or text: 818-406-5800

Email me:

Even faster, message me: Facebook

What else?

A US Army vet and US Air Force military brat growing up, here and overseas, I'm also a pop culture aficionado: I love music, film, writing and have been DJing since 1989.

All about the entertainment, I also produce The Hub Show podcast - all about business, pop culture, news & views, everything & nothing - with content available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

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Fellow podcasters, DJs & entertainers: We're all in this together & the struggle is real. Now you know where to get your podcast & show backdrops & banners from, saving you time and money. Here to work with you.

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