Exponet USA’s rental program is designed to suit our client’s needs, budget and timeline. That’s why we offer a multitude of solutions, both customized and out-of-the-box to best align to your specific needs. Storage and services are also available to support our client’s rental needs and requirements.

Rental and Purchased Items

Rented hardware items will be clearly noted on the order. Display graphics are purchased and remain the property of the purchaser. The renter does not need to return purchased items. Renter agrees to use care in handling of the rented items and keep in good condition. Damages to the rented structures will be documented and an explanation of damages will be communicated within 14 days of the rental return. The cost of repairing/replacing rented items will be billed on a separate invoice.

Rental Period

Standard rental period is 30 calendar days unless an extension is mutually agreed upon. The 30 day period begins at the time of shipment and rental item availability is not guaranteed until the order is confirmed. All items are available on a first come first serve basis. Rentals are for a single use only. All structures and shipping containers are due back, freight pre-paid, by the last day of the rental period.

Extended Rental Period Flat Rates:

- 36 to 45 days - add 30%

- 46 to 60 days - add 60%

Extended rentals must be approved in advance.

Rental Order Process

Once we receive an inquiry for a particular kit for a particular show, we will determine what 30-day date

range will accommodate shipping to the show, the duration of the show and the return. We will then run a calendar query for the display in demand to identify:

• the inventory available in house

• the inventory allocated for confirmed orders

• the inventory out for that specific 30 day time frame

We will then communicate the availability at that specific moment in time. If the order is not placed until the following day/week, etc., there is no guarantee of availability for that show/event. When we receive an official PO, we will run the query again to ensure the kit in demand is still available. If so, the order will be placed and confirmed. Upon confirmation you will be provided a rental contract to sign. Orders will not ship without a signed contract.

Late Charges

Rental items not returned within 30 days will be subject to a daily late charge of 5% of the total initial rental price. Items 45 days overdue or lost will be considered as a purchase and will be invoiced/charged at the difference between the purchase price, as new, and the amount paid in rental fees. Fees will automatically be applied.

Shipping Costs

Costs for outbound shipments, parcel or freight, are the responsibility of the distributor. Please inform us if you would like Exponet USA to pre-pay your shipment and add the amount to the invoice. Costs for the return shipment are also the responsibility of the distributor. Exponet USA's rental displays are provided with return address labels for shipment back so that materials are returned appropriately to the originating facility. The pickup and coordi-nation of return is the responsibility of the customer. All rental structures returned freight collect will be billed at cost plus 20%.

Check in/Graphics Removal

Rental structures returned with client-owned items will be charged a fee based on actual time and material for sorting client owned items and packing for return. Graphics removal will be billed at a flat hourly fee of $75.00. Clients will have the option of storing the items at our storage facility in the Chicago area or Las Vegas for a monthly charge. If not storing items, pick up for these items must be arranged within 30 days of receipt or the returned items will be considered abandoned and disposed of. In these instances, Orbus is not responsible for the

replacement of any disposed goods.

Storage Services

Exponet USA offers a variety of service capabilities and storage options. Call to discuss.


If the decision is made to purchase a rental structure before it is returned, the purchase price will be adjusted for rental fees already billed in comparison to the purchase price. The purchase of rented items must be reviewed and approved by Exponet USA in advance. If a purchase made of similar equipment within 30 days of a rental return,

50% of the original rental amount (hardware only) will be deducted from the purchase.

Damage to Property

Renter agrees to use care in handling of the rented items and keep in good condition. Damages to the rented structure will be documented explaining the damage within 14 days of the rental return. The cost of

repairing/replacing the rented items will be billed separately. All rental structures other than those noted for outdoor use should be used for indoor applications.

Shipping Errors & Responsibility

Any errors that occur during the shipping/freight process shipped under Exponet USA's prepaid freight service will be guaranteed and covered should the shipper lose, damage or delay a product outside their guaranteed delivery time. Exponet USA will process the claim information. For errors in shipments shipped using a customer’s shipper number or a third party shipper number, the customer will be responsible for replacing the affected product at cost and following through with the claim through the shipping/freight company. Exponet USA will begin the claim

process and provide the customer with the claim information. Any further claim correspondence will be between the customer and the shipping/freight company.


Exponet USA reserves the right to request documentation in the forms of photos, copies of packing slips and the like to ensure the issue is resolved promptly. “Standard questions” may also be asked in order to provide accurate and timely customer service. Failure to provide the necessary information requested by an Exponet USA representative may delay the claim process. An RMA/Case number may be issued depending on the claim. This number must be used in regards to all correspondence with the issue and adhere to any packaging sent to us for assessment. Failure to adhere RMA/Case information to a package will delay the claim process.

Graphics Limited Warranty

Exponet USA will not accept the return of a used or custom-made product or graphic. Exponet USA guarantees their graphics products under a series of warranties for manufacturing defects. Under the warranty policies, graphics believed to be a manufacturing defect will be repaired and/or replaced upon inspection of the issue. The customer is responsible for shipping the product to Exponet USA for inspection. At the discretion of Exponet USA, if the issue is deemed a manufacturing defect, the product will be repaired and/or replaced and returned to the customer at no cost standard ground shipping during the first year of the warranty period.


Free replacement graphics cannot be sent until an assessment of the supposed defective product is made. At the discretion of Exponet USA, if the received product is deemed not to be a manufacturing defect, the customer will be notified and the product may be repaired and/or replaced at the customer’s cost.


Issues that are not covered under the warranties include but are not limited to:

• Mistreatment of product

• Unauthorized alteration

• Natural disasters

• Failure to follow product instruction sheets and labeling

• Incorrect use

• Theft

• Loss

• Vandalism

• Destruction

• Damages occurred while in transit


In cases of warranty disputes, Exponet USA reserves the right of the final judgment and/or decision on the nature and cause of damage and the fair and applicable warranty response and/or solution.


Other than that, please call us with any further questions or concerns. 800-831-7108