Director Chairs - Dye Sub Printed

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  • Director Chairs - Dye Sub Printed
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Enhance the look of your exhibit by adding Director Chairs that display your message. Create an environment that promotes interaction between attendees and exhibitors. You can personalize a Director Chair with a company logo or sales message to match any display.

With Director Chairs, your customer will feel welcome, relax within your environment and stay in your booth longer to hear about your company and products. 

Choose standard 18-inch standard table height or 30-inch counter/bar height. Chairs made & printed in the USA.

Frame Colors: Natural wood, White and Black

Director's Chair Specs:
width: 21.5"
depth: 15.5"
seat height: 18", 30"
arm height: 25.5", 37.5"
back height: 34", 46"

Shipping Weight: 
Standard Height Chair 18’’ - 10.25lbs.

Counter Height Chair 30’’ - 13.85lbs.

Director Chair Colors:
Natural wood, White and Black

Director Chair Weight Limit:
Standard Height Chair 18’’ - 230lbs.

Counter Height Chair 30’’ - 230lbs.

Director Chair Wheeled Shipping Case: $259
Perfect shipping & storage case for director chairs
  - Interior size: 39.5”h x 21.5”w x 8.5”d
  - Exterior size:  41”h x 23”w x 9”d
  - Weight when empty: 16.5 lbs
  - Fits up to 2 - director chairs

Click  HERE  to order the shipping case.

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Exponet USA offers 3 chair options in two sizes:
1. Super Select Dye Sublimation Chairs – the fabric on the chair is printed using our Dye Sublimation Process.
- Dye Sublimation chair backs can have an image on both front & back; please specify when ordering.
- Dye Sublimation chair seats have an image on the top only. Both are about the same area, thus, the same price.

The full size image provided for the chair back is:
Print Size – (Two pieces) 27’’w x 8’’h and 17”w x 8”h
Final Size – 21’’w x 6.5’’h
Message Area – 14.25’’w x 5’’h (front & back)

The full size image provided for the chair seat is:
Print Size – 22.5’’w x 16.5’’h
Final Size – 20’’w x 15’’h
Message Area – 18’’w x 14’’h (top only)


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