Why Should You Buy Custom-printed Table Throws?

Why Should You Buy Custom-printed Table Throws?

Whether you're preparing for a charity event, a trade fair, or any promotional event, you want to make sure you're entirely visible to your target audience. Custom table covers are ideal for this type of occasion. If you're looking for table covers but don't know where to begin, read our definitive guide to custom table covers and throws and how to use them.

What exactly are table covers?

Table covers, also known as table skirts, throws, runners, or tablecloths, are table coverings that can use to promote businesses and groups at several events.

Unlike the tablecloths you use to cover your dining table, which is usually just decorative, promotional table covers typically incorporate a company's logo, graphics, and messaging aimed at their target audience. They're also more durable and constructed of lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Why should you use personalized table throws?

Table covers provide many advantages that make them an excellent choice for decorating your table or booth, just like your down duvet, which makes your sleep experience awesome. Among these benefits are the following:

Convenience: Each table cover personalized to your specifications has a six-inch rear flap at the back of the surface. This lets you keep goods and supplies that you may need, which is especially useful if you are at a busy event.

Excellent printing quality: One of the most significant advantages of our table covers is that we employ dye-sublimation printing. Dye-sublimation is a printing method that uses dyes in gas form. First, the designs are printed on transfer paper. The dried pigment on the transfer paper is converted into a vapor that penetrates the fabric using heat. The heat causes the inks to bind, resulting in a long-lasting, high-quality graphic entirely embedded into the table cover cloth.

Wrinkle-resistant: Your table cover will almost certainly be packed, rolled up, or folded for transport to and from your event, as well as handled or touched by a variety of hands. Our table covers are composed of 100% eight-ounce matte polyester fabric, which means they are wrinkle-free.

Affordability: Custom table covers are a terrific economical alternative for small businesses trying to get the most out of their marketing money, especially when ordered in quantity.

Where to use custom table throws?

Tablecloths can be utilized for almost any type of occasion. You can put them to use at:

Fundraisers: A table cover is a terrific method to lure people to your booth or table if your company organizes or participates in charity fundraising. Here's a pro tip: while making a personalized table cover, use an eye-catching base color, red or blue.

Church events: Churches and other houses of worship might use table covers to inform parishioners about upcoming events.

Churches would benefit from ordering more oversized personalized covers so that more people could see them at their events.

Trade shows: Trade shows bring together a wide range of enterprises in a specific industry to present and discuss their products and services. A trade show is an excellent opportunity for businesses to learn more about and communicate with other professionals in their field; however, this also means that you will be fighting for the attention of visitors and potential consumers. This is why it is critical to create an appealing trade fair display to attract attendees.

Product launch event: If your company has recently launched a new product, try throwing an event to promote it to your clients. Launching a new product might be intimidating—you have a new product, and now you need people to buy it—but it doesn't have to be if you plan correctly. Consider having personalized tablecloths manufactured for your event. You can also incorporate the product into the design of your cover, in addition to your company's emblem.

Seminars/classes: It is usual in some fields, such as finance or marketing, for corporations to conduct seminars or teach courses to employees or other interested professionals. Consider getting a personalised cover for your table if your firm wishes to conduct a meeting. Not only will you appear more polished and professional when you present to your audience, but your attendees will leave with a clear mental image of your business.

Career fairs: It might be challenging for some smaller businesses to acquire skilled employees. Career fairs are a popular form of recruiting that allows organizations and qualified applicants to meet and learn about one another. It is also an opportunity for businesses to conduct brief interviews. Companies will compete with one another for the attention of potential employees, much like they do at trade exhibitions. Attract them with a vibrant bespoke table cover imprinted with your company's logo.

Finally, consider the following:

Table covers are a flexible tool that can be utilized in various situations. We have supplied you with all of the information you need to produce and design table covers for your event that will capture your audience's attention and effectively deliver your message.


Mar 28th 2022 Maria Li

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