The world has evolved over the past few years and so have the means of advertisements. Historically, newspapers were the sole source of print advertisement, nowadays we have got so many options, including freestanding digital signage that can make your ad campaign a success. No matter how much you invest in Google ads and digital advertising channels, there are still a number of people who still believe in traditional methods. Whether you are advertising a discount offer on a clothing brand or a charity event, standing displays can help you more effectively reach out to the masses. Here are seven reasons that will back this notion up: 

1.Room for Creativity: To grab the audience's attention instantly, you have to bring the best of your creativity forward. Standing displays give you ample room for customization. You can play with lots of colors and patterns to create something out of the box and appeal enough to keep people engaged. 

2.Targeting Masses: There are so many people out there who do not know a thing about social media and are not tech pros. How do you think you can target them? Standing displays allow you to target the masses; even if someone has missed knowing about it through digital means, they can see it wherever they go. 

3.Easy Installation: Unlike other traditional methods of advertisements, i.e. billboards etc., you can simply put the standing display advertisement where you want. You do not need any professional to help you with it. Instead, you just have to get it printed, fixed and placed; it is just a matter of a few hours. 

4.Cost-Effective: Whether you own an entirely revenue-generating clothing brand or a startup, advertisement always requires a fair share of money from your budget since it is what keeps your business running. Out of all the options available, i.e. billboards, digital platforms, magazines etc., standing displays are the most cost-effective means of promoting your brand. The material used is inexpensive, and they are super light in weight, making them easier to be shipped. 

5.Easy to Change: Have you made a mistake while designing your advertisement display, or do you need to put an ad for the new discount offer? No need to worry about paying a heavy cost. Standing advertisement displays are easy to update. All you have to do is get the new updated display printed and replace the old one yourself. Changes in your marketing plan can easily be manifested through this advertisement option. 

6.Enhanced Brand Awareness and Visibility: Your brand's awareness is what keeps it running. The more people will know about the latest updates, the more you will keep your customers engaged. Standing displays help you to advertise more effectively. You can put them up on bus stops, ATMs, restaurants, parks, and any other place where people do not have much to read or do, so they do give standee a read. There cannot be any other best way to increase your brand's visibility. 

7.Validating Authenticity: It has become hard to identify between scams and genuine advertising online. People do not often trust the ads they see online. However, putting up standees in different places validates the authenticity of your brand and the offer you are making. It helps you gain popularity for your genuineness and your effort to reach out to the audience. Advertisements can either make or break your brand. The more you pay attention to your ads and the means of their display, the more likely you will get your customers' attention and keep them engaged.

May 9th 2022 Maria Li

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