One In The Chamber

One In The Chamber

Posted by Jason Heichlinger on Feb 6th 2017

Do you attend Chamber of Commerce events?  

I do. Started to wonder what for for a while there too. Seemed like a total waste of time for a while there, like nothing but a good old boy club or clique.

But then I wised up. Here's how you can earn a small fortune through Chamber events...

First, disregard most of the negative info you've read / heard about so far regarding these local chamber get-togethers. These events are a virtual goldmine if you know how to work them properly and you have some patience.

As has been said, most of the people who attend these events are there hoping to find someone to buy what the sell. How refreshing do you think it might be to be the only guy/gal in the room who isn't trying to pitch everyone? Here's what I do...

I engage people one at a time. I ask them what they do. I pay attention and jot notes if necessary. I ask them to describe for me, as briefly as possible, what their product/service will do for someone... what problem will it solve. I ask them what their ideal prospect "looks" like. I ask them for their business card and let them know that I talk with lots of people every day and will pass on their contact info if I run into someone who "looks" like their ideal prospect.

When I get home I send each of them a handwritten note letting them know how much I enjoyed meeting them and learning about their business.

I then follow through in my day to day activities. When I meet someone who "looks" like an ideal prospect for someone I met at a Chamber event, or anywhere else, I connect them.

I'm now known around my town as a connector... I frequently get calls from people who say they're looking for something and someone told them I'm the guy who can hook them up. I also get a nice stream of referrals for my own business from those I've connected in some way that helped them.

That's how you mine the gold at Chamber events. Of course, it's not the core source of my business or sales. It is a tool, however. But hey, I'm open to any other suggestions.